What We Do

Fidelity Machine and Mould Solutions offers expert workmanship, efficient operations and unmatched service to every client we serve. Our commitment to supporting innovation, complete with the best employees and industry-leading equipment, is what makes us the perfect fit for those looking to get the best solution for their project. Click on the service tabs below to discover the wide range of services we offer:

ServicesCNC Machining

At Fidelity we have a wide range of CNC capabilities. Whether it’s a detailed precision piece requiring high-speed techniques or a massive block requiring large amounts of stock removal, we have the capabilities and know-how to machine the toughest, most intricate CNC jobs efficiently and accurately.

  • Complex 3D Surface Milling
  • High-Speed Precision Milling and Turning
  • Multi-Axis Milling
  • CNC Turning Capacity up to 24" Diameter

At Fidelity, each machinist represents more than just an operator. With advanced CAM software (Powermill™, Mastercam™) and individual work centers at each machine, our machinists are programmers; not just operators. Each mill is fitted with the latest technology and controllers allowing Fidelity to program using state-of-the-art high-speed machining techniques, to achieve higher degrees of accuracy and deliver complete projects quicker.

ServicesMould Making

Fidelity is the Western Canadian industry leader for mould making.

High Performance Injection Moulds

Fidelity specializes in getting the most performance out of your tools.  Whether it is a new build or improvements on an existing mould, we would love the opportunity to show you how a state-of-the-art high performance injection mould can save you exponentially more during production.  Fidelity makes a habit of partnering with the most elite Flow Analysis Engineers and the highest quality component providers to ensure we deliver tooling solutions that can often cut cycle times in half.

Cable Overmould Making

Custom cable manufacturing and overmoulding are among the most competitive industries in Calgary. Fidelity has established itself as one of the premier providers of tooling and modular systems for companies across North America by giving our customers a competitive advantage with unique and cutting-edge moulds. Allow our vast experience supporting cable overmoulders to help you maintain progressive designs, efficient systems and fast turnarounds on your Custom Cable program.


Fidelity Machine and Mould has one of the largest and most advanced EDM departments in Western Canada, and we are always increasing and improving our capacities.

  • Complex Internal Features (including threads, undercuts and connecting holes)
  • Textured Moulding Surfaces
  • Broken Taps and Bits
  • Hardened Steel
  • Sharp Corners
  • Thin Walled or Unsupported Cuts

We stand behind our claim that no EDM project, regardless of the challenges it presents, is too tough for us to handle. No other shop currently has the capacities or expertise that our staff and equipment provides our customers as part of the strategic and innovative approach we bring to hole drill, sink and wire EDM.

Our extremely innovative approach to EDM means that we can handle a wide variety of jobs that other shops turn down on a daily basis. Our EDM department will accommodate anything, including broken taps, textured moulding surfaces, hardened steel, sharp corners, complex internal features, thin walled or unsupported cuts and internal features not possible to machine with current conventional methods.


  • Hole Drill EDM - ½ mm – 14"
  • Wire EDM – Up to 12" thick
  • Sink EDM – Almost limitless; due to the nature of sink EDM and the styles of machines we have in-house, we can manage almost any size project, as long as it fits in the bay.


CAD Design has rapidly become an integral part of the product development and machining process. Our designers are experienced with many of today's leading software packages such as SolidworksTM and can manage many different formats. From Concept to production we can assist with any and all stages of both product and tool design.

One strong advantage Fidelity has in this industry is that our personnel have many years of combined experience. We will use our knowledge and experience to help design products and tools required for your project’s requirements. Our team of experienced personnel will help manage your project from start to finish, offering strategic and innovative solutions to help you accomplish your short and long term production goals.


Fidelity is able to provide innovative solutions that work because we understand engineers, what they value, need and respect.

ServicesOil Field Threading Solutions

Fidelity verifies all of its downhole threaded connections using the JSS system by Gagemaker™. This system measures and verifies the individual features and accuracy of each thread in a way not possible with traditional gauges. To learn more about this system and the benefits it creates, click on the link below or contact us to inquire about upcoming classes and seminars.

JSS Joint Strength System