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Below are some of the industries we specialize in.

Oil & Gas

  • Real Time MWD Tooling
  • Exceeding Design Limitations for Communication Ports
  • R&D Prototyping High Wear and Extreme Environments
  • Custom and Specialty Connections and Splines
  • Electronics Housing, Moulds and Carriers
  • Fabrication


  • Delicate Parts with Complex Geometry and Tight Tolerance
  • Custom Quality and Tracking Procedures
  • One-Offs and Prototypes
  • High Production Parts

Unique & Innovative Solutions

  • Custom machine tools for any application
  • Complete pre-project analysis to identify critical requirements
  • Expert manufacturing input during your design phase
  • Advanced material, coating and treatment options
  • Mould solutions of all types


  • Plastic Parts
  • Custom Performance Parts
  • Vintage Replacement Parts


  • Proprietary Defense Components
  • Prototype and Production Parts
  • Electronic Housing and Controls Solutions

Medical & Veterinarian

  • Laboratory Consumables
  • Medical Containers
  • Specialty Equipment Parts
  • Diagnostic Tools

The Fidelity Advantage

Professional | 24-hour Service | Comprehensive | Efficient |Precision |Progressive | Accountable |Innovative


From preliminary concept and prototype
to detailed production drawings, we
can assist with any stage.

From concept to completion and
beyond, Fidelity will ensure your
project’s success every step of the way.

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Our Quality Assurance team and Quality
Control department understand the

importance of their role and the high

standards our organization
strives to meet. Our products
are used in the most demanding
applications, where there is no

room for error or deviation and

our entire team takes great pride in

delivering with confidence.


We are:

AS9100D certified:

Quality Management Systems -
Requirements for Aviation, Space and

Defense Organizations.

ISO 9001:2015 certified:

Quality Management Systems

Fidelity Machine and Mould Solutions is

registered in the

 Controlled Goods


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