Fidelity has one of the largest and most advanced EDM facilities in Western Canada, and we are always increasing and improving our capacities.

Complex Internal Features (including threads, undercuts and connecting holes)

  • Textured Moulding Surfaces
  • Broken Taps and Bits
  • Hardened Steel
  • Sharp Corners
  • Thin Walled or Unsupported Cuts

We stand behind our claim that no EDM project, regardless of the challenges it presents, is too tough for us to handle. No other shop currently has the capacities or expertise that our staff and equipment provides our customers as part of the strategic and innovative approach we bring to hole drill, sink and wire EDM.

Our extremely innovative approach to EDM means that we can handle a wide variety of jobs that other shops turn down on a daily basis. Our EDM department will accommodate anything, including broken taps, textured moulding surfaces, hardened steel, sharp corners, complex internal features, thin walled or unsupported cuts and internal features not possible to machine with current conventional methods.


Hole Drill EDM - ½ mm – 14"
Wire EDM - Up to 12" thick
Hole Drill EDM - Almost limitless; due to the nature of sink EDM and the styles of machines we have in-house, we can manage almost any size project, as long as it fits in the bay.